Help Us Help Our Community

One never knows when they might need emergency services for themselves or a loved one. And we're so fortunate to have such a venerable and longstanding agency here in Middlesex. Many of you may not need us and we hope you never do. Generally, when you need to get to the doctor, you get in your car and drive yourself, or ask a family member to take you. But there are many in our county who do not have the means to get to the doctor. When they call us, and if they so request, by law we have to transport them to the emergency room.   

You see, we fill a special void where no County services yet exist. For many who 911, the duty crew might be the only human beings that patient sees that day, that week or that month. We also take calls for people who simply cannot get out of bed or off the floor—because for them, it isn’t simple. There is no one else to lend that hand up. That's all too often where we come in. 

What we do is uniquely important to our beloved and rural environment. But rescuing people is not an inexpensive proposition. We ask for your financial support because without it, we can't continue to serve the people of Middlesex County. 

We'd love to see you at the Regatta itself, but if you'd rather make a donation and skip all the fun, you can do that at the below link or QR Code. 

Click here to be redirected to 
Blue Ridge Bank
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Rescue Regatta